Large Outdoor Garden Wall Clocks with Thermometer -Reviews

Are you in the market to get yourself an indoor/outdoor garden wall clock with a thermometer for keeping track of time and the temperature?  Is so, then look no further as I have found a great selection of these wall clocks online that I think you will really like. 

These clocks can be used for indoors or outdoor use.  They come in many different styles and colors.  The outdoor garden wall clocks that are featured on this page also have a hygrometer which will tell you how humid it is outside. 

There are many types and styles of indoor/outdoor wall clocks to choose from.  They are not only functional but they are also very stylish in appearance.  These outdoor wall clocks are neutral in color so they will go with any indoor or outdoor color scheme.

These clocks are great for keeping track of time, temperature and humidity at a glance. 

If you are in a hurry...

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Otherwise let's take a look at a selection of these indoor/outdoor wall clocks to see which ones are the best according to customer reviews. 

Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Stone Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer (Stone)

Outdoor Wall Clock and Thermometer

This indoor/outdoor wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer features built-in temperature and humidity gauges that allows you to check the temperature and humidity conditions outside at a glance.

This garden clocks is constructed from accurate quartz timekeeping technology. 

This wall clock is framed by a durable stone replica construction that resists the elements and makes this clock combination perfect for any room, patio or garden.

This clock measures 14" and is operated by 1 "AA" battery (not included).

This clock is easy to install with an integrated hang hole in the back.

It is very attractive in appearance and will go with any outdoor decor.

Colors Available:  Stone as shown or Slate

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Springfield Precision Instruments 12" Thermometer Wall Clock

Outdoor Wall Clock For Patio

This Outdoor thermometer wall clock for the patio measures both the temperature and tells the time in a fun and colorful way.

This outdoor wall clock is constructed from poly resin, stainless steel, and plastic.  It's weather-resistant design makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use and it is also fade and UV-resistant.   

It features a Fahrenheit scale for measuring temperature and clock display for displaying the time.

This 12" wall clock runs on a 1AA battery (not included).

A blue and white face with multicolored flip-flops gives this outdoor wall clock will bring a coastal fee to your outdoor living space. 

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Infinity Instruments: The Craftsman 18 in. Outdoor Wall Clocks

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 

This outdoor wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer is designed with quartz movement and is weather resistant.  

This outdoor clock with its smooth, bronze frame finish is accented with delicate metal hands, a cream-colored dial, and elegantly simple Arabic numerals.

This 18 inch clock is intended for indoor or outdoor use and it's designed with a handy, built-in thermometer and hygrometer.

Powered by highly accurate quartz movement, this clock requires one AA battery (not included). Overall dimensions: 18H x 18W x 3.25D inches.

This outdoor clock will go great on a patio wall for keeping track of time, temperature and humidity. 

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Infinity Instruments-The Definitive Indoor/Outdoor 24 in. Wall Clock

This indoor/outdoor wall clock features a sleek black frame and large three-dial face with black colored hour and minute hands that point to large black, easy-to-read Arabic numerals.

This indoor/outdoor wall clock is a precision timepiece with a thermometer and a hygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity.

The Definitive combines a precision timepiece with helpful accurate outdoor meteorological instrumentation.  It can perform under the most adverse weather conditions.

This wall clock uses analog Quartz movement that requires a single AA battery (not included).

This large wall clock measures  24 diam. x 2.75D inches.  

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Infinity Instruments The Forecaster Clock, Bronze

Outdoor Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

Infinity Instruments The Forecaster Clock, Bronze
Infinity Instruments The Forecaster Clock, Bronze

The Infinity Forecaster clock is a 16 inch round wall  clock that is for indoor or outdoor use.  It has a built-in Hygrometer & Thermometer. 

This clocks runs on quartz movement for accurate time keeping and it is very easy to read from a distance. 

This clock is designed with a distressed black case with rivets and latch accents.  It will go in a variety of outdoor settings.

This wall clock is very stylish as well as practical and will enhance your outdoor living space in a variety of settings. 

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Chaney Balmoral II Atomix Aged Copper 18 in. Wall Clock

Outdoor Wall Clock for the Patio

This large atomic 18-inch wall clock with a glass face is designed for indoor or outdoor use.  This clock is housed in a durable metal case with an aged-copper finish and a temperature gauge.

This atomix-radio-controlled clock receives the nation's official, exact time down to the second through a radio signal from the U.S. Atomic clock in Ft. Collins, Colo.

It also adjusts automatically for daylight saving time, as needed.

This clock should not be hung in direct sunlight since it has a thermometer.

This clock is easy to set and will go with any indoor or outdoor decor.

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