Best-Rated Outdoor Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains - Reviews

Outdoor Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains are the perfect addition for any backyard garden.  Not only are bird bath fountains visually pleasing to look at with so many different styles and designs to choose from, but the trickling sound of the fountain provides a soothing outdoor oasis for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

A bird bath fountain also provides a perfect place for birds to enjoy a drink or a splash in the fountain.  They are also attracted to the sound of the running water as well. 

Some solar powered bird bath fountains are designed with solar-on-demand which gives you the ability to control the solar power operation.  What this means is that you can choose when you want your solar powered fountain to work. 

They are also eco-friendly as they don't require electricity to run on a regular basis.  These fountains run on solar energy that is captured by a solar panel that is part of the fountain.

Keep in mind that it is very important that you place your solar bird bath fountain in a sunny location where there is plenty of direct sunlight so it will operate on a continual basis.

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Otherwise, I have reviewed some of the more sought after solar bird bath fountains on the market.  Here is a selection of birdbath fountains that I think you will REALLY like!

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Smart Garden 25372RM1 Athena Glazed Blue Ceramic Birdbath Fountain With Solar on Demand and Battery Technology to Provide Consistent Performance in Cloudy Weather

Birdbath Fountain with Water Features

This blue ceramic birdbath fountain with solar on demand technology allows you to choose when you want your fountain to work.

All you have to do is charge the battery in the sun and use the stored energy to power the fountain in cloudy conditions or during the evening.

The battery will fully charge after one to two sunny days and will provide 6 hours of fountain running time. This solar bird bath fountain has low maintenance. To
keep it running smoothly all you need to do is simply drain, wipe down, rinse and refill.

This solar powered bird bath fountain is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Pump and solar unit are included.

This beautiful solar birdbath is very sturdy in construction and will create soft ambient sounds. It will add an element of relaxation to any garden or outdoor area.

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Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Bird Bath

Solar Bird Bath Fountain

This Smart Solar birth bath is constructed from ceramic and finished in a vibrant blue finish.  This bird bath features decorative flower details around the base
and the bowl.

A solar panel in the bowl operates the pump for the fountain effect. The moving water will attract the birds, deter mosquitoes, and provide you with soothing sights
and sounds.

The dimensions of this solar bird bath are 17 diameter x 24.8H in.

This solar bird bath is sturdy in construction and will make a beautiful addition to any garden.

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Smart Solar Somerset Verdigris Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Birdbath Fountain Idea

The Smart Solar Somerset Verdigris Solar bird bath fountain features a Verdigris bowl with a matte black wrought iron stand. No plumbing is required as
the fountain operates in direct sunlight, using a solar panel to power a low-voltage water pump.

This eco-friendly solar powered fountain is for outdoor use. It holds over a gallon of water in 2-inch deep bowl.

The solar panel is situated in the bowl of the bird bath. A reservoir cover is included for use without the solar panel. It is worth noting that the solar panel will not operate efficiently when there are clouds which have a filtering effect on the sun.

Birds will enjoy the sounds of splashing water and you will enjoy the tranquility that this birdbath will bring to your garden.

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Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Outdoor Birdbath/Fountain

The Smart Solar Portsmouth solar bird bath fountain is available as a standard solar-powered bath or with Solar-on-Demand.

What this means is that you can choose whether or not you desire this feature. You have the ability to control when you would like your Smart Solar fountain to run.

This solar bird bath has a self-contained battery that features an on/off switch. When the switch is in the 'on' position, the fountain operates as a standard solar

However, when solar energy isn't readily available, instead of shutting off, with Solar-on-Demand, the unit will switch to the back-up battery power.

This way, you can enjoy your fountain bird bath even when it is overcast outside. The solar-powered pump recirculates water through the built-in reservoir. The 2-inch-deep fountain bowl is perfect environment for frolicking birds and only requires about a gallon of water.

This solar bird bath fountain is constructed from durable, fade-resistant fiberglass resin material. It has a durable bath and pedestal with a fountain head.

This Smart Solar bird bath will make a nice addition to your garden and you will enjoy the soothing sound of the fountain running.

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Smart Solar Ceramic Frog Solar Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain

Solar Fountain for the Outdoors

The Smart Solar Ceramic Frog Solar Fountain is a green, glazed-ceramic solar-powered water fountain that will add enchantment to any setting. No plumbing is involved.

Water flows continually through the frog and into the bowl, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, on your patio, or balcony.

The low-voltage water pump and filter are powered by the solar panel which is included. This solar panel needs direct sunlight to operate and there is no wiring in order to make it run.

This frog solar bird bath is an eco-friendly choice for your back or front garden. In order to have a steady stream of water coming out of the frog's mouth, this bird bath fountain needs to be in continuous sunshine.

This solar bird bath fountain is also very versatile as you can place it in so many areas of your garden or patio.  to help you decide.....

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Smart Solar Blue Ceramic Cascade Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain

Outdoor Solar Fountain for the Backyard

The Smart Solar Blue Ceramic Cascade Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain features bowls and a pitcher that are made from ceramic.

Water tumbles from one blue-glazed ceramic vessel to the next and then recycles back to the top via a hidden solar-powered pump.

The solar panel can be placed up to 10 feet from the water fountain and moved to capture maximum power from the sun's rays. The bowls lift out of the weather-resistant metal frame for easy storage and maintenance.

For maximum effectiveness, place the solar panel in full sunlight to absorb maximum sunlight. Avoid the shade, otherwise the fountain won't work properly.

This fountain can hold one-gallon of water and the bottom bowl is approximately 5.5 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter.

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